Personal Empowerment Transformation Program Content

1) Unleash Your Unlimited Potential

In this course we will begin to unleash your unlimited potential. Like an archeologist you will study and unravel the events, the twists and the turns of your life. This study is not to re-live the experiences that have led you to where you are now. It is to stand back and review from a distance the subtle and sometimes hidden nuance of life that drive our behaviour

The Lessons Inside the Program

Personal Empowerment Transformation Program Content

2) Your Own SuperPower

Recognize the power of automaticity a program our brain runs and how to utilize it to create routines and rituals that lead to your success. Learn how to manage through common human experiences that occur when we step outside our comfort zones to achieve our goals.

The Lessons Inside the Program

The Success Connection Program Content

3) The Success Connection

Understand the direct connection between self-worth and net-worth. Stop the constant chase for feeling good enough, smart enough, skilled enough and hundreds of other kinds of enough. How feeling worthy is the foundation for success.

The Lessons Inside the Program

Crack The Wealth Code Program Content

4) Crack The Wealth Code

Understand that the false beliefs and shame we carry around money negatively impact our success. Recognize that being a good person and having wealth are not mutually exclusive and that money is not a bad word.

The Lessons Inside the Program

More Courses Inside Your Bundle!

Confidence Builder Program Content

Most women are waiting for that magic moment when confidence arrives. When I feel confident, I will ask for that raise, go after that promotion, start that business or ask for that sale. But confidence is not something you wait for.

Overcome Fear & Succeed Program Content

Never let fear hold you back. You are not alone fear is a top factor in holding women back from achieving their goals. Learn the truth about fear and how to overcome it so you can move forward.

Design Your Life Program Content

Your life is the greatest event you will ever attend. Spend as much time planning it as you would a birthday or vacation. Learn how to set life, career and business goals that are achievable using our proprietary system. Develop the routines that will lead you successfully to the achievement of your goals. An annual goal setting system that can be implemented and repeated with ease.