International Programs

Instructor Led or Digital Online Programs

Teaching women to strategize, lead, communicate, negotiate, sell and understand how to operate a profitable business, embark on entry into the workforce or grow their careers to senior executive levels.

The I Am Worth It Project’s mission is to increase the personal and economic empowerment of women across the globe.  

We operate from our own technology enhanced training facility with the ability to teach both face to face, instructor led online training and provide e-learning courses across the globe. 

We understand that a single focus solution of addressing only business skill training does not lead to a significant impact. 

We must address the key concerns that women can be more risk adverse, lack the confidence, worthiness and belief to even get started. 

At the I Am Worth It Project we start with the internal transformation that is necessary for women to build the courage, the worth and the personal initiative to step outside the traditional norms of what they believe they are capable of and what is possible for them. 

With the solid foundation of success built first we can then build the economic success through innovative business skills training that meets the women where they ‘re starting from. 

Teaching women to strategize, lead, communicate, negotiate, sell and understand how to operate a profitable business, embark on entry into the workforce or grow their careers to senior executive levels.


Instructor Led Programs

An optimum learning environment for success!

We have created a flexible pricing structure that offers our customers the ability to customize a training solution that fits their business and learning needs.

The I Am Worth It Project offers both instructor led and digital self-paced training solutions.

Instructor Led 

Please contact us to discuss your customized program!

Instructor led group training sessions offer an optimum learning environment and result benefits for the student and include the following:

  • Customized course selection.
  • Lifetime access to all digital content, resources and templates.
  • Exclusive online community for students to connect, collaborate and celebrate.
  • Email access to the instructor during the length of the program to respond to student questions.
  • Group training a minimum of 20 students per group.
  • Certificate upon completion.


Meet Tammy Sherger

Teetering at the start of new beginnings for herself and her teenage children, Tammy was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 36.

This defining moment took Tammy on an extraordinary journey traveling from deep despair and overwhelming regret to following her true passion and living a life far beyond what she had ever dreamed possible.

Unbeknownst at the time to Tammy, the seeds of the I Am Worth It Project were planted in a promise to herself that if she lived, she would live a life free from regret.

Meet Tammy Sherger … Entrepreneur, Author, TEDx speaker, 6 Figure + business and life strategist who challenges you to look deep within yourself to discover who and what you can be, turning possibilities into realities. 

From the stockroom floor to the boardroom table even though the world was telling your she didn’t have the ‘right’ credentials.

Today, with over 20 years of high-level business experience, Tammy knows what it takes to get that promotion, build that start-up, land that raise, and negotiate a “yes” to the things you really want.  

Tammy’s journey and her passion to share her experiences through both business and philanthropic endeavours are both inspirational and motivational. 

Tammy is waking women up around the globe and helping them realize their greatest potential through her Success Club for Women, Digital Online Programs, Inner Circle Communities and Mentorship Masterminds. 




Theoretical Approach to our Programs

  • 1. Instructor Led

    From our training facility we can deliver, face to face instructor led online sessions that create a superior learning environment for our students.

  • 2. Micro-learning

    Short, easy to consume content in varying formats matches the working memory capacity and attention span of humans and increases engagement.

  • 3. Student Learning Evaluation

    Short Quiz, Group Breakouts with Reflection and Sharing, focused one question quiz on how the student can apply the learning in their specific role.

  • 4. ARCS Model

    Attention-Grab the student’s attention through stories, examples or by posing questions. Relevance- Link the learning to the student’s success. Confidence- Help the student believe in their likelihood for success. Satisfaction- Show the student how to use the skill to obtain results.

  • 5. Curriculum Development

    The Curriculum structure was developed in conjunction with an Instructional Designer and E-Learning Specialist. The goal for the student is to be able to easily implement their learning in their day-to-day environment and achieve results.

  • 6. Certificate of Completion

    A certificate of completion will be awarded for all programs including customized sessions, group coaching and inner circle mastermind.